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The way it was


The way it was

“Blitz is on its way how about Rapid Chess?”

In early 1988, I received a call from an American, Fred Rash. He had met with folks from the Hoteliers Association of Mazatlán, Mexico and they were very eager to host a “chess convention.” Fred begged me to come to Mazatlán and meet with them so that I could see for myself the “truly marvelous facilities” on offer. I visited Mazatlán and met with the Hoteliers Association board, who explained that they wanted to host a chess convention, offering rooms and great spaces, as well as organizational costs and a prize fund. I smiled.

And we were so close...

“Where are the Blitz Champions?”


After learning the rules of chess, getting to the point where I stopped making illegal moves – a longer period of time than I care to admit – I soon entered the world of tournament test. It was a torturous venture.

“Why Blitz?”

Dear Friends,

Greetings and salutations to each and every one!